Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saying Nay to Chardonnay

If you and your friends are anything like mine, this commercial will speak to you.  Any time (I can think of two times, to be exact) I have declined an alcoholic beverage, my friends raise their eyebrows at me pointedly.  They need not say a word- I just shake my head and they (correctly) assume I'm still nursing a hangover (did you think I was going to say baby?!) from the previous night and simply cannot down one more glass of Merlot.  My close friends know me better though- if I am not drinking because I'm knocked up they would already know thanks to my Grand Canyon-esque mouth.  Basically, I would walk into their company and scream, "No drinks for me girls!  I'm preggo!  Just took the test, so according to my calculations I'm 4 weeks along!  2 weeks gestationally speaking!  I'll take a rum and Diet- hold the rum for this mum!"

I do appreciate this sweet Mama's lovely, composed demeanor though, and I love her friends for knowing that a lush like her would only turn down a drinkie drink for one reason and one reason only.

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Me said...

Ha! You are FUNNY.