Monday, August 30, 2010

Label Me Healthy

Good news!  I'm functional again!  Well, as functional as I was pre-flu anyway.  My appetite is back and I'm so happy I had the presence of mind to snag a couple pieces of my mom's homemade blueberry pie in anticipation of said appetite.  Yum.

I have meetings galore this week in anticipation for preschool and Sunday school (I'm teaching this year- Lord help my little 4 year old students!)  This is forcing me to frantically cram all the organizing I promised myself I would do over the summer, into this short week.  Organizing, of course, requires labels and Avery is the Cadillac of labels, right?  But I'm quite disappointed in their latest commercial (and as you know, that carries a lot of weight for me)!  Luckily, they have another commercial that is creepily semi-funny, so I guess I'm still willing to purchase them.  For now.  But if I ever get as mean as the wife in this first commercial, please.  Please!  Take my cute, fully stickalicious, fun, colorful labels away from me.  I wouldn't deserve them and neither does this chick.


Me said...

I think he should leave her. This does not make me want to buy them. : )

Nicki Woo said...

yeah, she's definitely a bee-ach. But, i bet that chic is organized so who am I to judge. cause well, i ain't. but maybe, if I buy avery labels, I would be oooh, there's a thought.

so glad to hear your better, and eating blueberry pie. Yummers! Here's to feeling better, another year of Sunday school, cutesy pie 4 year olds, and the best Sunday school teacher EVER. . .besides myself of course. . . .