Monday, August 2, 2010

Hooray Beer!

I love Red Stripe's marketing ploy here.  In fact, I use the same kind of tactic myself sometimes.  A friend is complaining about being pasty white?  Just stand next to me and you'll look like you just got back from a va-cay in Jamaica!  Another (really annoying) friend* is worried about looking like a pig when we go out to dinner?  Sit next to me and you'll come out looking like Kate Moss on a diet!  Red Stripe also makes the very obvious, but very valid point that it is beer.  It will do the job, as long as the job isn't looking super classy or tasting good.  But get you drunk it will!**

*I haven't had friends that outwardly worry about looking like a pig since high school.  I had to purge those annoying buddies.  They just couldn't hang.
**That's an assumption.  I've never actually tried the stuff.  Or seen anybody else try it for that matter.  Have you?  How do they have a marketing budget?  Has anybody ever purchased Red Stripe?  A mystery!


Karey said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. And what a fun and interesting idea to actually watch and share an opinion about commercials.

Have a great day!

Jen said...

Ha! Funny commercial. Score one for Red Stripe.