Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Is Cry Day

Don't be scared by this title; today's commercial is not actually going to make you cry because you are a sane, stable blog reader.  I, however, am a spastic, wimpy, Type A personality about some stuff, lover of commercials.  And cookies.  If you've been to my house you know I am not Type A-ish about say, housekeeping.  But I do have a desperate need to make my daughters the best of friends.  I want them to someday have wet-their-pants laughing so hard conversations about well... wetting their pants from laughing so hard.  I want them to have unique interests, but mutual beliefs.  When they go to college I want them to know each other's class schedules and call one another every day to discuss school, parties, and homesickness (because they will be very, very homesick, right?  Right?!).
These are lofty goals, but I know it's feasible because my parents somehow (unbeknownst to us at the time!) forced my brother, sister, and I into best frienddom.  Even now though, it is with great reluctance we would share (let alone give up) the last cookie.  I want to raise daughters who love each other enough to offer up the last beloved cookie.


Caroline Leavitt said...

I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for mentioning my novel Girls in Trouble on your fantastic blog. I hope you'll like my new one, Pictures of You.

Thank you again, and again, and again!


Jules said...

Caroline Leavitt! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I will most certainly read Pictures of You- I look forward to it! Thank you again for taking the time to swing by Ad Bits!

Nicki Woo said...

You've over estimated me Jules. I'm not stable. Not stable at all. in fact, as i sit her crying over this keebler commercial, i'll stop using capitol letters just to show what a wimp i am. i saw this commercial on tv and thought, how sweet. thank god that keebler guy was hanging around, or else that poor chic would have missed out.

here's to hoping my kiddos would do the same. and here's to hoping that keebler guy is somewhere around just waiting to leave us some cookies. Love your blog. . .but you already knew that~

Jules said...

Whoa. All lower cases? You mean business! I'm so happy we have each other's weak, wobbly, completely unstable, shoulders to lean upon. May I offer you a virtual cookie? It just appeared here next to me!