Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Lies Have It

I love the raw honesty in this Subway commercial.  Actually, if I'm being honest here, I should mention I may have already featured this commercial a while back.  I certainly meant to because I think it's really funny.  That confession is just a little sampling of how honestly I try to live.  Here's some more truth for you- sometimes I fib.  Here are a few I've laid out there recently:
~"Sorry Mols, there aren't any cartoons on right now- go outside and play." (Please.  We all know cartoons are on 24/7 these days)
~"That's your favorite book ever, you say?  Yes, I liked it very much.  Thank you for the recommendation" (when just hours before I put the rotten thing under my car and ran it over raccoon roadkill style)
~"It's my pleasure.  I'm happy to help".  (this was in response to a committee I desperately wish I hadn't volunteered for.  Turns out it's a lot of um... work.)

So there you have it.  I'm a big, fat fattie fibber.  At least I'm honest about it.  Give it up for Subway and their ref-freshing referee.  Maybe he made the bad call because he's just a sub.  Or maybe they aren't paying enough dough to get a better ref.  I wouldn't know- I can't even tell the difference between a six inch and a foot ball.


Christa said...

Hi Jules. I'm really enjoying your blog, so I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog! You can see the nomination on MushBrain here and the "rules" for the award here Keep up the great work!

Nicki Woo said...

Hilarious!!!! Very funny! gotta show it to hubby, he'll pee in his pants!

I just spotlighted you on a hop today. FYI - if someone follows and says your were spotlighted, it's me, I done it!

See ya got the versatile blogger award again. You go, you bloggin' fool!

Jules said...

Christa, thank you so so much! I'm honored! I'm going to hop over to your blog right now to thank you there too!

Nicki, you are a rockstar! Thank you so much for spotlighting me! I do love being in the spotlight- what can I say? I must go check out the other blogs featured in the hop too!