Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My 1st Wordless Wednesday!

I've seen lots of great bloggers doing Wordless Wednesday, so I thought I'd jump on the (very quiet!) bandwagon.  Instead of a commercial, I present you with a bizarre (but totally the norm for them) Juicy Couture ad, that also offers a little hump day advice:

I love their completely weird ads- how can we make the general public desperately desire these sunglasses?  Why, by putting giant bunny ears on a freakishly pale model and encouraging them to "be silly" of course*!  I think this particular model should hit up the Palm Pre** folks for her next gig.  She's got the look.

*Note: It actually would be very silly of me to buy these way-out-of-my-SAHM-budget sunglasses, particularly when I go through a new pair every month, thanks to Adi, who loves bending and twisting them off my face.
**See 10/21/09 post for more info on this reference.Palm Pre- Trick or Treat?

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