Thursday, August 26, 2010

For The Love of Meijer

I'm not sure I've sung Meijer's praises in a while and back to school is just the occasion to do so.  My adoration for the Superstore can best be expressed in an ode.

Your employees are so kind
Though they know I'm out of my mind.
I come in 7 days a week
For various items that I seek:
Chick peas for cookies*, diapers and wipes,
Dog food, bubbles, and cheese- all types!
When I'm pregnant and it's midnight
And there's not a gummy worm in sight
Trust I'll be at the Meijer Superstore,
With gummy dinos, bears, and worms galore!
They take my icky cans and give me 10 cents each,
Then provide hand sanitizer- works as well as bleach!
When my kids start to melt down,
I simply purchase a bribe to erase her little frown:
"You want a ball, fruit snack, or fish?
A hula hoop?  Chapstick?  Whatever you wish!"
So you see dear Meijer, you save me 24 hours a day,
Even your commercials rock!  Readers, hit play!

*Reference 8/16/10 post.


Liz said...

Those are hilarious! I do so appreciate a clean commercial that can make me laugh!

So, your 15 minutes of "school work" all summer was pretty much how I was up until Wednesday. I think that's why things didn't jive so well; too much change, too fast. Now we're easing into it and it's going much, much better. Kudos to your 15 minutes of study time this summer!

Christa said...

Haha! Love the ode -- and Meijer too!

Nicki Woo said...

This world - I why I love her. And she rhymes too.