Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Check Those Sources!

On my list of people I  would least expect to see on an ESPN commercial is Richard Simmons.  He's right down there with Marilyn Manson and Smurfette.

Yet, here he is- whipping the Sports Center team into shape.  Whipping them gooood.  It's a hilarious commercial, naturally- I would expect nothing short [shorts] of hilarity when it comes to Richard Simmons.  It's impossible NOT to smile around him.  I would know because I saw him at the Detroit airport once (I guess he was getting in his airobic workout).  Pow pow!  I wanted to Twist and Shout just being in the same building as him.  I have no doubt the ESPN team was sporting quite a glow by the time he was done with them.  It looks like he kicked their masscots.

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Carly said...

LOL. this is so funny.

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