Monday, August 16, 2010

Be A Good Sport

Fire up sports fans, because this week I'll be featuring sporty, athletic-y ads!  Think of the fun punballs we can toss around! This commercial puts a new spin on Air Jordan!  MJ's never heard of "bacon neck"- he thinks it's just bull.  What's MJ drinking?  Could it be Red Bull?  Whatever it is, he needs something to dunk in it.

Funny, right?  But it makes me hungry for some dang bacon.  Sizzle sizzle, pop pop!  Speaking of bacon, I was bakin' earlier today, and made chocolate chip cookies with a secret ingredient.... chickpeas.  I know it sounds gross, but they were surprisingly good.  Here's a picture- they look normal, right?  Honestly, they taste good too!  Thank you Deceptively Delicious- you truly are deceptive!


Karey said...

The ad is funny, but I'm uncomfortable for the poor guy unaware he's being made fun of.

I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday too, but with just plain old semi-sweet chips. Not as creative, but they still tasted great!

Jules said...

I agree- he seems like such a friendly, helpful guy and what thanks does he get?!
Let's hear it for chocolate chip cookies! Mine were good, but let's be honest, there's nothing like a good, old-fashioned chocolate chipper!