Saturday, August 14, 2010

If I Didn't Answer When You Called....

I made it through Friday the 13th in one piece!  It had its ups and downs- let me just highlight one up and one down for you:
Up: Um, did you flipping SEE who commented on my post yesterday?!?  Caroline Leavitt!!!  The author of Girls In Trouble, one of the books I recommended a while back.  Her visit to Ad Bits made my whole day!  I'm not sure how she stumbled upon my little blog, but I am insanely pumped.  Of course, I am now ultra-aware of my all over the place writing style, my character building (i.e. there is none), and my foreshadowing, allusions, and symbolism (again, I got nothin').  I get inexplicably starstruck around authors.  Someday I'll tell you all about my attending the Decatur Book Festival, where I made such witty comments as, "Oh, right! Nothing like a baby's butt!" (that was directed toward Chuck Klosterman, who was very kind and patient as I waxed poetic about my kid's hiney).  Another doozie was: "Do you remember me?  Or am I not a person of significance?" (then I laughed loudly because I was trying to make a joke about something the author said in his talk- I got quite the pitiful look).  So ramble, ramble, babble, babble- authors intimidate me, but I'm still happy to see them stopping by my blog!

Down:  Jim had to kick the girls and I out of the house for a while because he was doing some crazy, messy project involving insulation and we needed to be out of the way.  The girls and I were starving so we headed to Burger King.  I'm not wild about BK, but desperate appetites call for desperately fast food.  The meal was successful (after a lovely family gave up the only high chair in the place for us).  Molly choked and spit her lemonade across the table at me; Adrienne learned how to clink cups and do "cheers".  Just another meal in the life.  Afterward I stopped for gas and then grabbed for my phone, and grabbed again, and again.  No phone.  It was immediately clear my phone was wrapped up in our greasy, salty, ketchupy napkins and sitting in the BK garbage.  Um.  Oops.  I was too humiliated to go back for it so my ahhhhhhmazing husband went back for me.  Ah, well.  If that's the best Friday the 13th can do then it's wussier than I thought!

Naturally, I've got a BK commercial for us to enjoy today (and bonus! the creepy-a** king isn't in it!)


Leanne said...

Yikes . . . good and bad, huh? the GOOD was OH-SO GOOD, though!!!! LOVE that you had a special visit on your blog - isn't that the best!!!

Charlene said...

I'd say your GOOD was pretty darned good! When I did the Quantum Wellness Cleanse, the author of that book (Kathy Freston) emailed me a few times and it was insanely motivating.

I'm psyched you have a "book of the week" as I am an avid reader and always looking for ideas!


Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

When you say your husband went back did he get your phone. If so what a guy man of the year could be in order:)