Monday, August 3, 2009

Long vs. "I'm a PC"

Happy Monday! Over the weekend it occurred to me I would be remiss to not mention the Microsoft/Mac ad war. I love my PC, but I have to say when Justin Long started taking the old, square, no-name PC guy to school I was feeling a little sheepish. "Here I am, a hip and cool (?) twenty-something using a PC!" I thought. "I should be typing my memoirs (ha!) on a sassy orange laptop like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde!" Really, they couldn't have found a better Mac than Justin. I mean- he dated Drew Barrymore! But then. After a Long period of abuse from Apple, Microsoft finally responded with the "I'm a PC" commercials. "These people are well-rounded and living life and seem super-cool" I thought. *slip credit card back into wallet and with nothing more than a backward glance, walk away from colorful Apples*

Just like that Microsoft undid an entire marketing scheme. For me, at least. Honestly, Mac people are Mac people and PC people are PC people. For the most part. Both parties may get the occasional drifter but computer users are pretty loyal to their... well... computers.

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