Friday, July 31, 2009

A Note on Movie Trailers

I realize these aren't "real" commercials, but have a couple opinions anyway (believe it or not).
1. If you are a trailer for a scary movie, I hate you.
2. If you are a trailer for a scary movie featuring disburbed, creepy children (which most of you seem to be these days) I have 2 scoops of hate with some despise on top for you.
3. If you're a funny movie, I'll throw you some love- even if I can predict your ending from your 20 second ad.

I always thought commercials for scary movies should only come on after say... 10:00 pm. But yesterday some crazy scary trailer came on at like 7:00; normally I try to quickly mute or change the channel but I couldn't make it to the remote in time and sure enough, my 2 year old watches and looks at me with big eyes, "Scary!" So now I need to protect my own wussy self, and also my little munchkin, who is apparently paying attention to something besides Dora now.

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