Monday, July 27, 2009

Introducing Ad Bits

Too much of my time is spent picking Play-Doh out of my carpet, singing Old MacDonald, or emptying my 2 year old's training potty. Glamorous, I know. So here I go a-bloggin'. I have a bit of marketing history and love (or hate) commercials, so please tune in for my thoughts, opinions, and comments on some of my favorite and least fav ads.

I thought it would be appropriate to note my favorite commercial of '09 for my premiere blog. So let's hear it for the Boost Mobile pigs! Talking animals are almost always hilarious to me but talking pigs? The other commercials didn't stand a chance. Check it out here:
The hoof motion at the end of his monologue slays me. Of course the best line is, "enjoying the flavors of a fallen friend" followed closely by Pig B's brilliant delivery of "True".

Unfortunately, any love I have for Boost Mobile is hugely diminished by the armpit hair lady.
Cannibalism references? Hilarious. Bad hygiene? Unacceptable.

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