Thursday, July 30, 2009


Let's flashback to a couple of my favorite and least favorite commercials of all time:
Dominoes: The old lady trying to put lipstick on in the airplane bathroom. I don't know what this ever had to do with pizza but I fell to the floor laughing the first time I saw it. Oh Dominoes, do you even have ads on TV anymore?

Geico: One of the Gecko's first commercials for Geico. He stood gallantly at a podium explaining he was a gecko (not to be confused with Geico) and then wrapped up his speech by licking his eyeball. I knew then and there Geico was going to be a commercial giant.

Xbox: This was not so very long ago but I can't have a blog about commercials without mentioning somewhere how very very creepy the people with the 1/2 heads were. Those commercials grossed me out and in no way made me want an Xbox. In fact, I am now a happy, full-headed Wii owner.

Mentos: Remember the guy climbing through a stranger's car to get to the other side of the street in a hurry? He was terribly cheesy but I'd take him any day over their newest ad: a woman lifts some dude's nose up and drinks out of it? I think it's something like that- to tell the God's honest truth, I frantically cover my ears and close my eyes when it comes on as every sight and sound in that ad makes me want to hurl.

Klondike: But I should end on a positive note- isn't that the proper way to do things? How much did we love the Klondike commercials? And seriously? Their slogan came in handy for everything! Brother wants to borrow 20 bucks? "What would you dooooo... for 20 bucks?!" Auctioning off a bachelor for charity? "What would you dooooo... for a date with this guy?" It became the most used negotiation tool of it's time!

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