Sunday, August 30, 2009

America's Commercial Sweethearts?

As promised, here I am with the [completely subjective] list of commercials with the cutest kiddos. Never say I don't deliver!

1. Welch's (grape juice). Here's just one of their adorable spokeskids: Where did they find these kids? They're supernaturally darling. Plus they have actual lines to say, which no other child on this list does.

2. Mott's (applesauce). Oh Marcia Cross. I'm almost too jealous of you to put this on my list. But the blog deserves the truth so Jules' pride be damned! The truth is you are living my dream with your redheaded boy/girl twins. They're gorgeous, applesauce-eating darlings. For my own selfish sanity I have to believe they're rotten brats.

3. Cole and Dylan Sprouse for Danimals. Ha ha! Not really- just seeing if you were paying attention.

4. Huggies (diapers). Frankly, the starring baby is average looking, (I hope his 'rents aren't Ad Bits fans) but I'm a big fan of this commercial: Sneaky! They had me sold on those sassy running shoes and then... BAM! I'm buying Huggies instead!

5. Tyson (chicken nuggets). These kids are hilarious- I particularly adore the one who crams his veggies in the car and pushes it away (not bad acting kid- you may have a future in the biz). But could I have a word with Tyson please? It is not the amazing feat you seem to believe it is to get a kid to eat chicken freaking nuggets above their peas.

6. Frosted Mini Wheats (cereal). This is hugely disappointing! I cannot find the exact commercial I'm looking for! You know the one? With the little girl who (God love 'er) is cute sort of like a pug is cute. She certainly won't be winning any beauty pageants anytime soon (although those aren't really won on looks anymore are they? But that's a whole different blog). The truth is, this girl coulda been my kid with those freckles and those ears (I can see you now, "Oh! I know the commercial she means now!"). Come clean time- my sibs affectionately (?) refer to me as "Lefty" because my left ear sticks out. Jim also has sticker-outers but at least he's symmetrical. Because I have this empathy for her I choose to pronounce her "Cutest Commercial Kid". Which I can do. Despite your audible protests.

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