Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cows in CA

Today I had the pleasure of touring a friend's dairy farm (so much fun AND wore Molly out in a big way, which is what I strive for on a daily basis). My visit was educational (cows only have teeth on the bottom!) and blogicational as it got me thinking about the infamous California cows and the California Milk Board's claim that "Happy Cows come from California". What!? Come on Cali! Maybe this ad works out west (namely, in CA) but why air it across the country? At best it may inspire a handful of former die-hard Californians to search (in vain?) for Californian milk at their local Piggly Wiggly (or whatever). At worst it will insult other geographic areas and instigate Facebook groups entitled, "Cows are not happier in California" (446 members) and the much more adamant group, "Happy Cows Do Not F***ing Come From California" (19,838 members).

Admittedly, the cows are entertaining (when they aren't running away from a snowy terrain, leaving me feeling like an idiot for staying in such a blizzardy habitat).
This one with the earthquake is cute, but something tells me earthquakes don't really make anyone happier.

So, California- you may have your surfing, your vineyards, and your amazing national parks, but since cows can't enjoy any of these things I trust they are NOT, in fact, happier in California.

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