Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm in a list making mood this week! Here are commercials with (what I believe to be) the best music...
1. Target/Calabria:
2. Planters Peanuts/Just Too Good To Be True:
3. Apple/Technologic:
4. MasterCard/We Want the Funk:
5. Honda/Orange Sky: I couldn't find this one! Boo!

And my personal favorite.... Swiffer!!! Way to use classic tunes to sell your product! (Baby Come Back) (Breaking Up Is Hard To Do) (Don't You Want Me Baby)
And these are just a few! Swiffer, you can clean my house anytime! (Actually, anyone can- open invitation).

Here are a few ideas of my own that I think would liven up ads for the following companies:
Payless: Footloose
Cool Whip: Whip It (is that too obvious?)
Bandaid or Banana Boat: Blister in the Sun (I'll let the two companies duke it out for rights to that one)
Botox: Poker Face
Trojan condoms: I Get Around (I think the Beach Boys would be honored)
Burger King: Dancing Queen (perhaps a creepy lady love for the creepy, masked king)
Hanes: Underneath Your Clothes (get Charlie Sheen out of those commercials and get us some Shakira!)
Rolex: Time After Time (duh.)
Any car touting a high safety rating: Crash Into Me

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