Monday, August 10, 2009

A Dentist By Any Other Name

What a fun weekend! We had weddings, baby showers, our TV is back in order after taking a small hiatus- all kinds of excitement! But it's Monday and we must get back to commercial business. It seems appropriate to start the week with a smile, so how about that Colgate commercial with Brooke Shields? Not a particularly noteworthy ad except for Brooke's dentist's name: Dr. Joyce Fang! Love it! This is funny for the obvious reasons, but also because I'm starting to notice a pattern of punny names in the field of dentistry. For example, my past dentists have been: Dr. Beaver, Dr. Payne, and most recently, Dr. King (insert your favorite crown pun here).

I'm a Crest girl by choice, but tag teaming brushers with Brooke Shields and Dr. Fang? Colgate truly could not have produced more reputable mouth professionals.

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