Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dairy Queen Of My Heart

The weather is finally August appropriate here in MI and ice cream is calling my name. Consequently, I'd like to draw your attention to the Dairy Queen commercial(s). The one with the floating mouth stupidly buying 2 million Girl Scout cookies doesn't do much for me. I guess it provides a little comfort in that DQ isn't likely to run out of the Thin Mint Blizzards; but do they even show a close-up shot of the cookies swirling around in creamy deliciousness? I don't think they do! And that is what's going to make me get my sweaty hiney (spell check? I've never actually typed hiney before) off the couch and into the closest Dairy Queen.

However, taste buds need not fret! You'll get your Blizzard after all as the DQ ad I saw yesterday is a different story. Its got it all. Clever and adorably toothless businessgirl (note: a responsible adult escort stands just feet away- safety first!), scrumptious thin mint cookies, and chubby guy's conscience screaming at him to "buy the cookies"! Round that off with zoomed in shots of the Blizzards (size: large) complete with giant cookie chunks and surrounded by steam (purpose? none. But somehow works when swirling around this yumminess).

The best part? The handy caloric justification that by buying a Thin Mint Blizzard I'm supporting the Girl Scouts. Thanks to me and my expanding hips, young women will have increased esteem, be First Aid qualified, and able to start a fire with a toothpick. I'm coming to get you Blizzard!

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