Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soul Funny

I know, I know. Me and my animal commercials. But seriously? Everyone I know (?) loves this commercial! Usually rodents freak me out to no end, but apparently when they're huge and tapping their little paws on the car door, while bopping their rodent heads to "A New Way to Roll"*, they are hil-ar-ious! I appreciate that Kia made a commercial differentiating themselves from the billions of other vehicle ads, but even more I appreciate their use of giant hamsters. Hamsters with some personality nonetheless! They're hip and cool, bold (they chose a red Soul!), and environmentally friendly (the hamster in the backseat indicates carpooling). Kia does a good job of not making the critters silly and that's what works for this commercial- the seriousness of the hamsters. They're just loving life- driving on a sunny day, rockin' out with the windows down, acknowledging (but not gloating) their less fortunate, wheel-spinning buddies. It in no way makes me want a hamster (or a Kia, actually) but I do give them props for an entertaining ad!

* I Googled this song playing in the ad, and found there are some claims that other songs play in different versions of the commercial. But I like this one best.

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