Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's A Tear In My Beer

A tear of joy that is! Hands down, the beer industry has the best commercials. Insurance companies are rallying but they just don't have the sex appeal beer does. I could be here all day talking about beer commercials and since my girls are tired, cranky, and needing baths, I'm going to do a great injustice by listing my top three favorites (with every intent of revisiting beer commercials again soon).

Honorable Mention: Captain Morgan. This isn't a beer so they only get an honorable mention, but I had to throw them a bloggy bone for ads such as this:

Honorable Mention: Bud Light. These ads are absolutely my favorite. Unfortunately, I believe they were just on radio and never on TV so they just get the HM.

2nd runner up: Dos Equis. Their spokesman gives Chuck Norris himself a run for his money. This commercial is just one of a few (are they just now starting to advertise on TV? I think so! They've been holding back!) One of my other favorites claims he lives vicariously through... himself. I've said it before and I'll say it again- if a company can pull off hilarity using a serious tone like this, they'll be hugely successful. Or at least win 2nd runner up on obsure blogs.

1st runner up: Labatt Blue. Yes, in a surprise twist Labatt Blue wins 2nd place! Unfortunately I couldn't find some of my favorite commercials starring the Blue Bear as they are pretty old but please trust that this one (while funny) is just the tip of the Canadian beer iceberg. I watch a lot of hockey so I'm quite familiar with these commercials but what I love most about them is: a) I haven't seen one in quite some time but it stuck with me and that is important in a marketing campaign, right? b) I not only remembered the commercials but what brand they were advertising! I have to admit with Dos Equis and even my first place winner I had to double check with Jim to make sure I wasn't getting my beers mixed up. And c) the talking bear (I can't help it).

And first place goes to.... Coors Lite! For their hilarious press conference commercials! Here are a few of my favs:
The guys asking the questions are perfectly cast and hilarious in every way. Coors Lite is the official beer sponsor of the Superbowl, which I imagine is a really big deal and undoubtedly puts immense stress on the Coors marketing think tank. I'm here to tell you Coors Lite- you delivered. You delivered on the tube and consequently I'm sure you deliver a lot of beer.

Note: I know I said I'd only do the top three but I added the honorable mentions at the last minute. I couldn't help myself.

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