Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Geyser of Ick

Have you guys seen this commercial for Gushers fruit snacks?
Thanks to this commercial I will never allow Gushers in my house. This is what is communicated to me in their 30 second time slot:
1. These will distract my kid from their schoolwork.
2. They will cover my home in disgusting, sticky, staining goo.
3. After touching a million things with their sticky little patties, my children's teeth will begin to rot, compliments of this gushing goo.
4. The liquid sugar bomb coated with additional cavity-creating sugar is bound to get my kiddos unbearably hyper.

As you can see, Gushers are the perfectly destructive storm. Now let's be clear on something- normally I love the brightly colored sweet candies. Skittles? Oh yes, I taste the rainbow. Gummi bears? I buy 'em in bulk. Jujubes? I can't enjoy a movie without those chewy little loves! But these candy darlings don't magnify their weaknesses in icky commercials. Maybe the Gushers commercial speaks seductively to kids, but I'm willing to bet any mom who sees that squirting, drippy mess of an ad will skip the Gushers and opt for a less messy treat with a more appetizing ad campaign. Mentos anyone?

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