Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday's Flo's Day

MSN had a link to this article today regarding Progressive's spokesperson, Flo.
I was not in a hurry to comment on the Progressive ads but since MSN brought it up...

I first "met" Flo in her commercial claiming you could save enough money to buy a "big, tricked out name tag." I was immediately put off because, a) she's basically saying you'll save 1-2 dollars and b) her name tag was not even tricked out. There were no rhinestones, no neon lights, just three letters on a white background. F L O. But it's Friday and I'm feeling generous so I won't blame her completely for that. She was just reading the lines they gave her, right? Then, I tried to blame her for being a cartoon character. But again, that's Progressive's handy-work. Her commercials following the name tag debacle were mildly annoying but so far nothing I can't handle. I'm just very aware that she has the potential to send me jumping off a bridge in annoyance at any moment, with any one line that comes out of her mouth. But she hasn't so far and that says a lot. But you better watch your step Flo. Just watch your step.

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