Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Swagger Dads!

No. No! It is too funny! Too funny for television apparently, because I've never seen it on the tube. My super helpful husband stumbled upon it and scored himself beaucoup points (and more importantly (?) a coveted shout-out on Ad Bits!) While I love the Taco Bell music video, (see 8/07/09 post: because so often it really is all about the Roosevelts baby, this vide-ad kicks TB's a**. My favorite parts? I love the dangling paci in the beginning, the slo-mo bouncing diapers, the mini piano (which we have, and I'm just curious. How are my babies supposed to achieve their protegee-ness when they only have four keys to work with? Just wondering.), and I love the cupcake reference because like Swagger Mommy, I take an unfounded pride in my cupcake decorating skillz. Holla.


Me said...

HILARIOUS! Yeah, why aren't these commericals on shows I watch?

Jules said...

Right?! If all commercials were so funny maybe people wouldn't DVR right past them!