Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pretty Little Allstate

Allstate appears to be making a big ad push these days- they have the new "mayhem" campaign as well as a new spokesman (in addition to the black dreamy voice guy we've all come to know and love). I love the mayhem puppy commercial, but I thought it was a little weird they claim the "typical" teenage girl would text while driving and then take off after hitting a parked car. I'm sure there's plenty of that going around, but the teenage girl I like to pretend to be is a bit offended!

I also appreciate their use of the word "mayhem" although I've only seen these commercials while watching Pretty Little Liars and I don't need a scary word like "mayhem" coming at me when I have enough horror on my plate. Have you seen PLL yet? I can't believe I've watched it twice now. It freaks my sh** OUT! A pansy like me has no business watching this show; I only watch it when Jim is home, but it seems to make no difference. Apparently my nightmares are out of his jurisdiction. If you're a brave one I highly recommend the show, it's quite compelling. If you're pansy by day and pansier by night, steer clear!

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