Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look At You, Mr. Tattoo!

I cozied up to my computer today to see what's what in the world this Tuesday. Important goings-on: did the Tigers win? (yes!) Any celebrities have a wardrobe malfunction? (no. Boo.) Did my friends post good Facebook statuses? (as always!)
Msn.com clued me in to some important facts straightaway. It turns out the U.S. may have a sexy new Russian spy (any sexy male spies you'd like to send over Russia? to say... mid-Michigan?), some information on the magical world of houseboats, some 4th of July recipes (the traditional red, white, and blue layered jello was excluded from their list! What's up with that?!), and.... click! Click click click as fast as I can on this juicy headline! Jon Gosselin Unveils New Dragon Tattoo!?!? This is the type of golden article I hope to find every time I log on! Forget the Russian spies! This is news. The Gossinator! Gossaroonie! Gossie McGosserson! Some new ink for TLC's biggest Dink. I think he's such a little twerp, but it did remind me of this old yellowbook.com commercial so thank you for that Jon Bon Weenie.

I like this one too. I expected the wifey to hop on yellowbook.com and search for some kind of new job for her husband, but I love that instead she is hooking herself up with some moola in the case of his untimely destruction.

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