Monday, June 14, 2010

Shine On, J.D.

As you probably know by now, Jimmy Dean, king of microwavable sausage breakfasts, has passed away. They have pretty good commercials, so I've posted a couple in his honor. Jimmy Dean was a hero of mine. I never actually ate any of his food, but he made it, and I respect that. (Pull out your Dummies' Guide to Zoolander for that one readers!)

I hope the company's "out of this world" commercials continue to "orbit" the airwaves Monday through "Sun"day and not just once in a "blue moon". Ugh, I could go on, but I feel totally blasphemous! I'd hate for the ghost of Jimmy Dean to haunt me with a permanent sausage odor in my home! I'm sorry Jimmy Dean! I vow to up my sausage intake- actually, do you make biscuits? Because I prefer biscuits.... I'll check into that. In the meantime, look at me promoting your product here!

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