Monday, June 28, 2010

Dancing Queen

I went to a great party over the weekend where I ran into a couple of my old dance instructors. (Yes, you read that right- back in my thinner, more graceful days I was a ballerina. A poor one, but still!) After the obligatory hugs, judgey looks up and down my less than ballerina-y body, and my guilty, "no I'm not dancing anymore" claims, they snagged my Molly. Molly, apparently had talked with them earlier and my instructors informed me she went on pointe for them and! And! She has a "beautiful arch"! My own arch is beautiful by itself, it's true, but any beauty is negated by my stumpy, talentless body. But Mols may still have a shot at Swan Lake! I'll have to undo and redo her insanely impatient personality, but it will be worth it to have another shot at my dream.

Baby your feet readers! Or turn them into bloody, disfigured nubs like Molly's are destined to be.

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