Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yoohoo For Yahoo

Yahoo, the best thing you could've done was cast this scrawny white boy as your lip-synching rockstar. I also like that it's a completely random commercial that has nothing to do with search engines- relevant commercials are so overrated! What I would like to see though, is a Yahoo commercial in which somebody with a N. Dakotan accent is drinking Yoohoo. Picture this:
Person A: "What are you drinking?"
Person B: "Yoohoo."
Person A: "Is it good? Hey do you know Florence Dittenfried?"
Person B: "Ya. Who?"
Person A: "Yahoo? I've heard that's a great search engine. Can I have a sip of your... what's it called?"
Person B: "Yoohoo"
Person A: "Oh ya." (takes a sip). "Yum. Chocolaty."

Though there is no deliciously, similarly named drink in this commercial, it's still a good one. It may even help out West's career, which is quickly going south.

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