Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Forgive Me If I -"CHEESE!"

What I was going to say in the title was please forgive me if I already blogged about this ad. I meant to a bajillion times, but I think it slipped through the giant crack that is my brain. I love it for so many delicious reasons. For one thing, I adore dumb jokes and this spin-off of the old "interrupting cow" joke is priceless.

When I went away to college, I was a nervous wreck I wouldn't make any friends (if only I knew then it's practically impossible not to make friends when you're drunk with 500 of your peers). So, I stocked up on some icebreakers, and when I say icebreakers I mean super lame jokes and one magic trick (on second thought, it's a miracle I made it out with as many friends as I did) Anyway, my jokes were things like, "Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? .... Because he was dead!" Hohoho! Or, "Ask me if I'm a red ship. (Person does so- "Are you a red ship?) "Ummm, no." (Look at person like they are freakin' stooooopid!)

But back to the ad... let's break down this block of cheese's joke, shall we?
1. It's good, but a little cheesy.
2. You'd have to be a real square to like this joke (because Cheez-Its are square).
3. You can poke too many holes in this joke (another Cheez-It pun).
4. A little mild if you ask me. And un-American!
5. Pretty funny any way you slice it.

Am I missing some really obvious ones? I feel like I am. Anyway, this has made me good and hungry for some Cheez-Its now, but before signing off I should mention I loved their last slogan ("Get your own box!") but was it or was it not also the slogan for Corn Pops?!!? Mystery!

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