Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun With Sledgehammers

When we first got married, Jim and I bought a fixer-upper. We spent our first night in our little love-nest with sledgehammers, knocking the bathroom shower out. It was the only bathroom in the house, but we were better off living in our own filth than showering in that box of nast. But we didn't stop there (sledgehammering is totally addictive!); once the shower was a pile of tile, we decided to do away with the bathroom walls. Next thing I knew our "bathroom" consisted of a toilet in the middle of our living room (newlyweds, this is one way to get to know your new spouse in a hurry). That year was made up of humbling experience after humbling experience. I didn't know one house could hold such humility (or so many termites!). So this commercial really hits home (haha).

An aside: Am I crazy, or does this girl look a bit like Christina Ricci?

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