Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Zapping Frenzy

It seems like every time I turn around these days, there's a new giant toolbox in the news. Every now and then the tools overflow into the (usually) safe haven of commercials. Such is the case with the Dorito guy, who really screws up; happily, the dog's vengeance hits the nail right on the head. The first time I saw this commercial was during the Superbowl- well done Dorito! Here are a few rottens I'd like to get with the zapper:

1. Jordan van der Sloot. King of the toolbox, now king of his slimy, rodent-infested jail cell.
2. Lawrence Taylor. Ew. And $300? You're a cheapskate and again, ew.
3. James Joyce. I've forgiven you. I truly have. Just an itty bitty zap and I think you'll actually feel better for having paid a penance.
4. The folks who cancelled Veronica Mars. I'd like to punch you to the moon!
5. Chad Ochocinco. You annoy me and Ochocinco is a stupid thing to change your name to. ZAP!

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