Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wifi (It Doesn't Stand For Wicked Fish!)

It's cause for celebration friends! Ad Bits has gone wireless! This will affect you not at all, but I knew you'd share in my joy. It does mean I can move up a notch or two on the Laze-o-meter and blog about my fave and least fave ads while sitting on my hiney right in front of the TV! Technology is a glorious thing!

I imagine you've been waiting on pins and needles for an Ad Bits entry, forgive my tardiness, but I think you'll forgive me now that you know the archaic conditions I've been working in. A desktop on an actual desk (or cardboard table as it were). Connected to the wall with (gasp!) wires and (ick!) cables! You know how I like to celebrate these little life victories? By eating. One of my favorite things to eat? Cereal. One of my favorite cereals? Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Their commercials are a little weird and cannibalistic though. This one below for instance. Cannibalism hasn't been so cool since Pippi Longstocking's dad* came to town.

*Cause he was a cannibal, remember? Or was it Hannibal...? Huh. Pippi rocked those braids though, right?

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