Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm Buggin'!!

I got a new computer!!!! Weeeeee! Fancy pantsy! It's so cool and fast and the top is shiny, so when it's closed I can stare at super-cute, technologically hip me! I heart it 4eva! Or at least for a couple years until I'm totally bored of it and gagging for a new, cuter, faster gadgie*.

We've been back in Michigan for two plus years now, but on occasion someone will ask me if I liked living in Florida. My canned answer is, "we're happy to be back, but ask me in February and you may get a different answer". Typically, in February, in Michigan, I've already crashed my car and am driving my husband's junk truck we only keep for when I wreck my car. It makes me crazy cranky, so Februarys are not a great month for me up here. The truth is though, I adore Michigan and would not care to live in Florida for an extended period of time. In large part because of the bugs. They are the size of my fist. The only time I was ever semi-happy to see one was when the Jehovah witness who was pushing through my door spotted the wolf spider before me and ran screaming down the driveway. I ran for a bucket, threw it over the spider (we're talking eight-legged St. Bernard beast here), called the exterminator (whose number I had handy from my last encounter with a mini-Iguana), and then my daddy**, naturally. So for my Floridian friends, and all Ad Bitters who have these unwelcome houseguests- this one's for you.

*Gadgie is a word I just made up; it's short for gadget. You likey? Thumbs up or down?
**This was a task I somehow missed in my Father's Day post. Daddies kill bugs for us and comfort us from states away when tarantula-esque bugs are in the house.

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