Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  My March license plate sticker hasn't come in yet!  I haven't been pulled over yet, but hello!  I'm not willing to pay a bajillion dollars for an expired-by-two-days sticker.  So it better come today.  If you are an officer of the law in mid-Michigan, please forget you ever read this.  And do NOT be on the lookout for a gray Explorer.  Do not.

Wish:  Molly had a dentist appointment today.  I wish my dentist's office was as awesome as hers.  You can read about her kick-fanny dentist here.  And do a little compare and contrast exercise by reading about my last oral exam here.  I'm just sayin'.  I'd be much more likely to recommend my dentist if there were an aquarium there.  And a choo-choo train.  What?  You think I'm too cool for that?  Never.

Woo-hoo!  My sister is unemployed!  Of course, this is a woo-hoo for me and definitely not her.  She was doing an internship at the Chicago Bulls, but that's over now so here she is!  I'm pumped because I love having her around.  Right now for instance?  She's giving Mols a pedicure and I'm able to blog!  I hope she never finds a job!  Just kidding- she'll need money sooner or later to buy me sweet birthday and Christmas gifts.  You know anyone hiring?  She's smart and cute too if that's important to your workplace.  I'm putting her phone number* on Twitter today so follow me if you want it. (@AdBitsJules)

Woo-hoo for this little pug!  Victory tastes like delicious, cheesy chips! (side note: this guy is basically behaving how I do when I'm trying to get Adrienne (or any baby) to come to me.  Now I feel a little silly.)

*Are you nuts?!  I'm not putting her number on Twitter!  But you should follow me anyway!


Carla said...

Gifts ARE very important. I know at LEAST three boys who would like to give her a job ... babysitting ... : )

Nicki Woo said...

That commercial is hilarious!!! I was worried about that dog for a second. I should have known better.

You are so lucky having a sister without a job. My crummy no good is too busyworking her 9-5, that my childrens pedi's are in shambles. I'm sending her straight to your blog so that maybe she'll man up and quit.