Monday, March 28, 2011

Craniummmm, "rollin' in my 4.0"?

I was up north over the weekend.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you haven't been to northern Michigan, go!  Preferably in the summer or fall, but whenever is fine.  But this is not a post about the majesty of northern Michigan.  This is a post about competition.

Cranium competition.

As in, Team "Me and My Dad" smoked everybody else Friday night. That's right, on occasion we like to nerd it up with a little board game action. Here are a couple pictures:

My dad holding our first place winning little guy.

My brother and sister concentrating on spelling horoscope backwards (alternating letters between them).
My dad and I won thanks to his mad artistic skillz (he can draw a mean wine charm with his eyes closed), and NO thanks to my mad NOTHING skillz.  Truly, he carried me.  The one question I undoubtedly should have known the answer to?  I totally fudged.  It was Ice Ice Baby lyrics for Pete's sake.  That's practically my theme freakin' song and I froze (haha).  I redeemed myself (hardly) by drawing a phone booth.  But really it was just a rectangle that my dad somehow, inherently knew was a phone booth.

Fun times were had by all (but mostly by my dad and I).  In other weekend competition news, my March Madness bracket is keeping my competitive ego in check.  I'm in sixth place of 11, with no hope of getting any more points.  And oh yeah, two of the five people below me are 3 years old.  So. 

Speaking of competition, I love this commercial right now.  This is sort of a wintery, ski lift version of how I landed Jim (by asking my friend/his ex if it was cool for us to go out, knowing full well I didn't care what the answer was).  This was pre-cell phone era so she had no expensive technology of mine to chuck.  Hooray for me!


Carla said...

That picture of your siblings makes me laugh! That must be some intense competition! I can tell because of the linked hands. : )

Nicki Woo said...

aaah. looks like fun. i love family game nights. sorry this comment is gonna be kinda boring, on the count that i have strep. am sick, but love ur blog so much that i crawled to my computer to see what u up too. am crashing now.. .must go.