Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Journey to Detroit

I spent yesterday evening in downtown Detroit.  I'm in the suburbs of the big D fairly often, but rarely have any need to go downtown.  Here are a few notes on Detroit:

~ It's on the water, a really beautiful location.
~ It has a well-deserved, but awful reputation for its obscene crime rate. (That is, the rate is obscene, but I imagine some of the crimes are too).
~ The architecture is old and gorgeous.
~ Mo-town baby!  Detroit rocks!
~ If you want to be technical, it's my hometown- I lived there the first 8 months of my life!
~ It is not, in fact, the Michigan state capital.  A common misconception.  Probably because it's home to the state's only Ikea.

Jim and I went with some friends to Greektown and enjoyed a dee-lish meal at Pegasus (our goat cheese was on fire!  On purpose!), then we went across the street to oh-my-gosh-I-can't-believe-I-didn't-note-the-name-of-this-amazing-bakery where I got a black and white cookie that I was too full to eat, but managed to push through the stuffness to finish (that's what I call dedication!), then we hopped on the People Mover (no, I did not expose myself for a small-town girl by tipping over when it started moving, nor did I throw up!) and zoomed to the Joe Louis Arena where we caught a crazy exciting Red Wing game!
Here's proof (that we were there, not that it was exciting- you can get a recap of the excitement at ok?)

So, Detroit has it's problems, but I'm here to tell you it also has its strong points.  You should visit if you ever get the chance.  Swing by Ikea, Costco, and the other stores they have (that we over here in the state's actual capital don't have), enjoy the beauty of its history, architecture, music, athleticism, and diamond in the rough Detroit pride.

And for the fun of it:


Sandra said...

I remember our visit there in 2005 in the car museum. It was wonderful and I am quitely sure that I still have the penny printed with one car somewhere.
But hey why didn´t you wear a shirt of the Red Wings? I could have borrowed you one *lol*.
It is so funny to read that you like IKEA. It is soooo popular over here and I was wondering when it will open the first store in the US. Sometimes if I want to "go out Saturday evening" I ask my neighbour to join me for tour to IKEA. No joke! And we always manage to be back home for the evening movie *lol*. I never ever bought any furniture over there but always some little stuff. So I am kind of proud not to have any furnitures of IKEA like 90% of German people ;o)
Enjoy your Sunday and take care!

Carla said...
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Carla said...

Jim looks really calm there. Was he at any point in time standing on the back of the seat in the thrilling OT win? No? Just wondered. : )