Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  Please, please don't get strep Mols!  She's battling a little cold, but fighting it off like a champ.  Yesterday she came home from school with a note:  "Your child may have been exposed to _______(there's a blank here where the teacher can fill in anything they want- a mouse? a Michael Bolton song? kids who say f-a-r-t*?) Nope.  Strep throat.  Well, it's not lice and I think that's my worse case scenario.  So this is a thankful whine.  Thankful she wasn't exposed to lice; whine that now I've got strep stress.

Wish:  April would hurry up and get here!  I have such a fun April schedule!  Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, M's b-day (on Easter this year!), a couple mini-trips... not to mention I'll be enjoying all this in warmer weather!  I have an additional wish to dominate my college b-ball bracket this weekend (does it just last the weekend?  I don't even know. I'm a pathetic March Madness fan.)  I have Michigan State winning it all (highly unlikely, but what kind of fan would I be to knock them out in the second round as I was tempted to do?)  I should mention we aren't playing for money.  My loyalty does not expand into the old pocketbook. (that's right, I said "pocketbook")

Woo-hoo!  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!  Wear your green, readers, or suffer an e-pinch from this blogging leprechaun! (gross.  I wish I hadn't just called myself a leprechaun).  Another woo-hoo: I'm visiting my parents, which means help with kids, free food, brand name hand soap, darker window treatments (that equals more sleep for me and the kiddos), and fluffier towels.  Luxurious.

I love this ad.  Please start your day with a Guiness tomorrow.  Or, ok, a shamrock shake at the very least.  Promise?  Awesome.

*This is quite possibly my least favorite word in the English language.  As far as I know, my girls have never heard it.  They wouldn't know what it is.  I intend to keep it that way. 


Carla said...

I, for one, applaud your faith in MSU!

Renee said...


I love that ad!! I was bummed to see no such surprises in my home this morning. Perhaps the happy little leprechaun has hidden a pot of gold somewhere instead??

Bridget said...

HI! Love your blog. Following from the 200 followers club on MomBloggers. Check mine out, too!

Cherie said...

I, too, really dislike the f?rt word. I also dislike the word belly. No explanation for that. Tummy just sounds so much sweeter.