Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  We have some baby trees around our yard.  Like 80 of them.  And we're talking baby baby trees... maybe a foot and a half tall at the most.  I love them (but not as much as Jim does, truthfully- he nurses them with all the love of a new mama).  And the other day some snowmobilers ran a bunch of them over.  They crushed their teeny tiny frames and our spirits.

Wish:  Oops, I wish Molly didn't see her art project in the garbage.  I save the stuff that she's most obviously proud of, but I didn't get that feeling from this particular craft.  Then she saw it and cried as I frantically pulled it out: "Oh!  Oh!  How did this get in there?!  Molly!  I don't know how this got in the garbage! (I lied)  It must have been bunched in with some other stuff!"  She sniffled and I immediately taped it up in a place of honor.  Whew!

Woo-hoo!  Yesterday Molly launched into a heartfelt monologue (or a Mollologue if you will!) about God living in our hearts and loving us even when we make mistakes, etc.  What?!  Maybe she does listen to me (and oh, all right! her Sunday School teachers) every now and then!  I was pumped.  Of course, she was explaining all this to a dinosaur on a box of macaroni and cheese, but still.  I love it when I know I'm being heard! 

I'm feeling inexplicably overwhelmed these days.  Stressing over things I wouldn't normally stress over.  Perhaps I haven't been Binging enough?  Maybe a food fight would relieve some stress?  I'm not above that.


Renee said...

I hear you! I hear you!! :)
It's as if I was actually saying this myself. Well, my daughter could actually do a little bit more in the religous reciting area (hmmm, our girls are in the same relig. ed. class???? Guess I need to be doing more God-speak at home!). BUT every day I stealthily throw away handfuls of "art." Addie makes new pictures for her daddy as a surprise each & every day. I also have to gift wrap them for her. :0 Oh, then there's also a barrage of "gifts" she selects from her room to place in a Meijer bag for her beloved father too. I think Grandma started this fun little tradition while I was gone one weekend. Thanks G'ma!
Sorry about the trees! :( I must have missed your driveway again! Just kidding, but really it is sad.

Jules said...

R- you are SO funny. I love your line about missing my driveway. I've said it before and I'll say it again: our driveway is SO tricky! Let's hear it for birdseed! Ugh, so Addy's into presents for her dad? Darn her and her generosity! :) Really though, how long are we expected to hang on to that kind of stuff?
A is a little cherub and will just smile sweetly at God and enter into heaven- she's such a doll.