Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Flashback Friday!  I'm not around today, so we're going Ad Bits retro.  I forgot about this commercial!  They didn't air it enough- it was so great!

Why is this commercial so awesome? Because throwing punches is almost always funny! I particularly love the pregnant lady slugging her husband (that's probably just the first of many until that baby is OUT) and of course the Amish punch. I'm pretty confident hitting of any kind goes against their core Amishnisity (and I think I'm completely entitled to comment on Amish principles because an Amish dude stood up in my wedding), but the beauty of having Amish in your advertisement is that you can portray them however you darn well please and they'll never know! Likewise, you can say whatever you like about them in your blog! (Although that's totally a moot point, since nobody ever has anything bad to say about the Amish, except maybe if you get stuck behind a buggy on your way to buy the darling capris that are on sale today only, or if you ate an entire loaf of their dang irresistible sourdough bread, thus ruining your low-carb diet for the day).

And let's talk about Stevie Wonder for a second. First Aretha Franklin shows up in a Snickers commercial and then Stevie Wonder lands a role in a VW spot? Let's hear it for Motown! It's good to see your faces again My Cherie Amours! Especially in comedic roles- I love that Stevie slugs T. Morgan as if it's a Superstition. It's truly a Wonder he would know the make and color of the car driving by, right? Ugh, those are stretches I know. I'll wrap this up and put you out of your misery. This post is hereby Signed, Sealed, Delivered. I'm Yours, Jules.


Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

I'd never seen that one before too funny, Dave and I had a good laugh.

Nicki Woo said...

It is a rare talent that you have my friend, to be able to slay a pun with the greatest of ease. You can put a pun here, you can put a pun there, dare I say they may even be in your underwear.

I have to resort to rhyming, because i totes suck at punnage.

Funny commercial. Yes, I remember it well. Stevie was my fave.