Tuesday, March 8, 2011

JuNO Teen Pregnancy Allowed Please!

The other night Juno was on and I can't say for sure, but I kind of feel like it is maybe my favorite movie right now!  I'm sorry Zoolander;  I'm sorry Mystery, Alaska, but I think Juno has you beat! 

SPOILER ALERT!!  Seriously, this is a great movie and you should watch it, so for this one time only, you can not read every word of Ad Bits.
Do I laugh my hiney off at the opening scene between Rainn Wilson's character and Juno when she finds out her "eggo is preggo" and then buys a licorice rope?  Yes, I do.  Do I sob at the end when Bleeker crawls into the hospital bed with Juno?  I do.  I weep.  Does it make me want to barf when I think about my girls being in high school?  Um, big fat YES.  I swear if they every join a band* and request a hamburger phone, I'm sending them to boarding school.

This commercial is super funny.  I would be totally cool with my 'rents moving in because the more adult supervision, the less likely I'm a grandma at 40**.

*Just kidding!  I would love for my girls to be in a band.  Like a light rock or classical one, for instance.  Just kidding again; I fully embrace all music, but if they turn out to be singers (which would be a huge shock) they sure as fajibbities better have clean as a whistle lyrics.
**If you are a 40 year old grandma, no offense at all.  It's just that given my age, and the ages of my kids it would mean a painfully young pregnancy.  I understand that is not always the case with 40 year old grandparents. 

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