Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  We had an ICE storm last night!  An ice storm!  Just when I get used to driving the speed limit and not panicking every time I need to leave the house, we have an ice storm.  I was just mad enough to drive in it anyway (that'll show YOU Mother Nature!)  Know what else?  I'm going out again later!  In your FACE ice storm!  Kick ice!

Wish:  Not to belabour the point, but I'm still sick.  I know, I know, I just squandered my whine on the ice storm.  This is not a whine, just a little wish that the store hadn't been out of the lotiony Kleenex.  The ultra soft are soft enough for say, a mid-grade sneezing fit, but they are NOT up to par for this cold from heck. 

Woo-hoo!  Going out in the ice storm was SO worth it because I went to visit my girlfriend and her kids and she sent me home with homemade cheesecake from heaven above.  Additionally, book club tonight is at Michigan Brewing Company- maybe I can drink myself healthy?  It's worth a try.  And here's my big Woo-hoo.  Jim and I booked a vay-cay!  For just the two of us!  To Seattle and Vancouver!  We've never been, we haven't been on vacation together since the Pre-Molly era, and we are pumped!!!!  Like, four exclamation points pumped!!!!

Once it was booked I danced a happy dance like the guy in this commercial:


Nicki Woo said...

Well I'd say your Woo-Hoo trumps all the other boo hoo's and wishes, because THAT IS AWESOME!!!! So much fun. You are going to be running around, having fun, eating whatever, doing whatever, and not having a care in the world. You guys deserve it. I've never been to Seattle, but Vancouver is lovely. And they have beer :)

I do hope you'll be bringing your laptop with you and blogging about it live. :)

Sandra - who misses you all! said...

Yeah your Mom wrote me about your trip. You will love Vancouver and when you are in Seattle you have to do the "underground tour" - try to book a ticket before and you will love it! As well you HAVE TO visit the library in Seattle. It is awesome and I took hundreds of pictures there. The building is sooooo great! Wish you both a wonderful time and hey I gonna call you soon (but I will be in Italy for a week) to check out my trip to the US in August. Take care and hope you will be fine soon!

Jules said...

@Nikki: Thanks! We're tots pumped (I stole "tots" from you- love it!) I'll def be blogging about every single day- I mean, it's Seattle. Not like I'll have any trouble finding Wifi right?!

@Sandra: Yes! We already have the underground tour tickets, but I hadn't thought of the library! Thanks for the tip- I'll definitely check it out! Anything else I can't miss? Have SO much fun in Italy! Aughh! Jealous! :) We'll get in touch when you get home!