Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Tangled Web

Today I had Molly's parent-teacher conference.  They don't seem to think she's ready to enroll in college Doogie Howser-style as I do, but they aren't kicking her out either so that's good news.  Maybe they got wind about her super gluing her face yesterday and deducted points.  (She wasn't super glued TO anything, just general smearage on her sweet little face.)

We also went to the library because I wanted to take out Charlotte's Web to read to M (but did not want to dig through a bajillion dusty boxes to find my old copy.)  Once I had it in my hands though I started to have second thoughts.  There's the whole spider dying thing (uh- spoiler alert), and I'm certainly not going to start picking up live spiders around the house just because they may be one of Charlotte's babies.  Then there's the whole topic of pig slaughtering.  And if I'm unwilling to save spiders' lives, I'm loath to prepare separate vegetarian dishes for my three year old.  I will be preserving her carnivorism as long as possible, thank you very much.

I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday, in which you did not have to be laughed out of a preschool room for merely suggesting Princeton next year.  Or deprive your child of a literary classic for your own selfish purposes.

OMG!  It's Justin Bieber's birthday today!!!  Eeeeeee!  Anyone out there have the fever?!


Debra said...

Hi Jules,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours. What a great idea for a blog. It's fun. Have a great night.

Sleppery said...

New follower from MBC.
Love the blog layout :)
feel free to check out my blog and follow back

Carla said...

Superglue as moisturizer. See, she knows things even we don't! : )

Crinthia said...

I don't have bieber fever yet... my daughter isn't even two yet (: btw I am a new GFC follower from MBC :)

Nicki Woo said...

I just. . .days ago downloaded onto my Ipod "Never Say Never." Oh yes i did, and I'm not too proud to say it. Do I jam to it as I hit the pavement running on my treadmill or like snuffalufagus in my neighborhood. Yes I do.

Which brings me to the point of Charlottes web. Oh Julesy, just read it and get it over with so that you can get to the even better stuff like THE KARATE KID movie (with said song in it - and that cute little Jayden Smith, who gets his butt totally kicked in the film, before kicking some hiney of his own.) What I'm trying to say is, its a hard knock life and the sooner we share with our kids the slaughter of pigs, smashing of spiders, and kicking of bootay, the quicker we get to enjoy peaceful carnivorizm?, great literature, and Beiberism in the over 20 crowd.

Not that I have Beiberism, but I do like that song. "I will never say never. I will fight until forever. Whenever you knock me down. I will not stay on the ground. Pick it up, up, up. . .Never say never." Nuff said. Sorry I'm crazy.

Avant Garde Parenting said...

I think the beginning of that commercial is the WIDEST I've ever seen Ozzy's eyes open!! It scared me a little! But they were squinty again by the end...