Monday, February 28, 2011

The One Where I DON'T Slap My Kid

My daughter tilts her head.  She just does, ok?  She tilts it slightly to the right and we don't know why.  The pediatrician had me make an appointment with a pediatric opthamologist, which is where we spent the morning today.  As soon as the doctor walked in she said, "oh, does she always hold her head like that?"

So they held up a piece of paper with some stick figures on it and she correctly named all of them except the phone (in her defense it was a rotary dial and hello!  She wasn't born in 1920! Where is their picture of the Blackberry?  That she would know.)  Then, they dilated her pupils with eye drops (they had me cradle her!  So I actually loved that part a little bit since I never get to cradle her anymore.)  She was a champ.

The verdict was that her eyesight is great!  So I just have a slightly lopsided baby.  I explained to my girlfriend she'll probably outgrow it.  Like when she goes to school and kids call her "Tilt" or "Heavy Head" or ??? (my name calling skills leave a lot to be desired, I know).

My other option is to slap* the tilt right out of her.

*Horrified readers:  I would never ever slap Adrienne.  I simply could NOT think of a segue to that commercial though!  You understand... right?


Sandra said...

Oooh I am sure she will outgrow it - I am more than sure!
My grandma found out that whenever I watch TV I tilt my head, too. And what should I say...I still do and I do not recognize it. It is normal for me and I just feel closer to the movie *lol*.
She will be fine and other kids will not joke on her...otherwise her German aunt will talk to them clearly! ;o)))
PS: Thanks one more time to teach me some new words: tilt, cradle and verdict :o)

Every Day Products & More said...

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Nicki Woo said...

Okay. So you gotta come up with a Plan B. In case. . .well she doesn't grow out of it. That's where me and my kid come in.

Phoebe, who I believe is the same age as Adrienne, also has tilty head problems. Maybe its environmental. Anyway, her head tilts back and forth like a bobble head when she walks. could be that her body is in the 30th percentile and her head is in the 99the percentile. Anyway, wobbly headed baby have I.

For you, if by 4 years old these conditions have not eradicated themselves, I will move my family to your city, and live on your street, and then our children can be enrolled into lopsided school together. JUST IN CASE. Remember this is just a plan B. I'm sure everything will be fine. *wink, wink*