Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine: I don't know that this is a whine per say, but I am enjoying quite the druggy cocktail.  Remember my dentist appointment last week?  Well things got infected up in my grill, so I'm on an antibiotic for that as well as some Hercules-strong painkillers.  Throw in some cold medicine, and I'm like Paula Abdul over here.  But without all the money or misfortune of knowing Simon Cowell.  I feel great though. I may have lost an extremity cutting apples for lunch, but I'll deal with that later.  I guess I don't really have a whine today!  Life is loopalicious!

Wish:  My spin instructor would not have abandoned me.  She changed her class to a time in which I can't make it (on purpose? could my heavy breathing and excessive sweating have put her off?).  The chick who is teaching her old slot I don't care for.  She has us do weird push-up things on the bike (what?! If I wanted to do push-ups I'd join the Army, thanks) and at the end of each class has us get mats out and do our abs.  Look lady, let's just stick to the class description and spin, ok?  How flippin' in shape are you trying to get me anyway?

Woo-hoo!  We're going to our friends' house tonight to meet their new baby.  New baaaaay-beeeee!  I am going to hold it and love it and cuddle the crud out of it.  Picture puffs of pink (it's a girl) baby powder floating in heart shape clouds around her head with every hug.  That's how I picture it at least.  Of course I could be hallucinating.  Huh.  I hope she's not one of those cry-y babies.

I love the new Florida orange juice campaign because the people featured are truly embracing their whines.


Nicki Woo said...

I hear you.

Here's mine.

Whine: My baby won't eat anything green. What is up with that?

Wish: My husband could read my mind, only when I want him to. I tried to give him a vulgar hand gesture today as he drove by me in his car and he didn't look. But the car after him did. Ooops.

Wahooooo: 1/2 day of school tomorrow. Means fun relaxing 1/2 day with my kiddos which I don't get too much of. Can't wait.

Sonia said...
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Sonia said...

Hi Following u from MBC kindly follow back.

Sandra said...

Spin course - something I have wanted to start since the end of last year...but I do not know why I always failed to go there. Now I hope that we do not have to get out our mats at the end as I also just want to spin. I will let you know how my first hour was....let´s see if it will be before 2012 *lol*

One question: Do you have a glass of orange juice in the morning as well and M and A have to answer your questions? Cannot wait to see this in August...I will just cry of laughing (or is it cry for laughing?) if this happens... ;o)))