Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Callin' All the Plows- Do Ya Hear Me?

I have to let you in on a secret.  Part of me gets a little excited about snowstorms.  As you probably heard, the Midwest has a doozie headed our way and I'm a little pumped!  It's kind of fun getting all geared up to hunker down.  I filled my gas tank (though I've never ever heard of stations running out of fuel during snowstorms- it still makes me feel better).  Then, I went to the store and bought a bunch of stuff I don't normally get like Neosporin and vodka.  Just kidding.  Those are things I always pick up.  But I did get a giant can of pears (nothing says hunker down like canned pears!) and pudding and toilet paper (obviously that is something I buy year round, but normally I wait until the very last square has been flushed from our home before I buy more).

The girls have new library books and Christmas toys still in the packaging that I can bring out on a snowflake's notice. I have my own books and a list of household chores I've been waiting all winter to do. I also had the foresight to create a super annoying version of "Bottoms Up" to sing to Jim all day ("Shovels Up! Shovels Up!"). Yes, I think we're ready. Of course, if things turn icy and our power goes out all bets are off- then hunkering down is horrible and cold and we will flee to my Mommy and Daddy's house as any respectable grown girl would do. Luckily I have a tank of gas to get us there.


Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

We are supposed to get some of the same system I believe, and I am normally like yourself... bring it on. This time I have to drive about an hour away to the children's hospital for Joel's treatment and some tests. So I am bring a tin can and some candles, extra blankets, a charged cellphone, some water and snacks and of course Joel's normal bag with favorite stuffy and activities. I am making sure we have a full tank of gas and lots of window washer fluid. I have no desire to be out and about tomorrow :( Did I mention we are leaving early so I don't have to rush!!

Nicki Woo said...

You kill me Jules! Your so funny with your vodka and toilet paper.

And by the way. . . . .I am so jealous. The storm hit Dallas today (my old hometown - my mom and sis still live there) and I'm super jealous because schools are closed, businesses are closed, and the roads are icy and snowy. Here in H-town its just cold and windy. Not even cold enough to get me out of my morning run. Miserable. Poor kids have to go to school, and I haven't even bought canned pears. Oh, the life.

Jules said...

@Cheryl: Ohmygosh. I hope you are safe and sound and INSIDE a building right now! I'm glad you were prepared at least- smart girl. Praying Joel's treatment is ok today.

@Nikki: Nope. Now that I know you went fishing in your city pool over the weekend I most definitely do not feel bad for you. But I will eat some canned pears on your behalf.