Friday, February 18, 2011

A Stubborn Skirt

I was trying to get Adrienne dressed today- I put her onesie on uneventfully, I put her cute little tights with the bear on the bottom on uneventfully, then it was time to put her skirt on.  It didn't want to go over the bulky tights, so I stood her up and wiggled the skirt.  It didn't budge.  I wiggled harder.  No go.  I yanked upward and she fell downward.  As in face first onto the hard wood floor.

I quickly picked her up and looked at her stunned little face.  "Boom?" I asked hopefully.  She screamed.  She wailed.  I apologized and apologized.  I admitted I was a terrible Mommy and she sniffled in recognition.  My mom (we were at my parents' house, so they actually OWN the horrible hard floors and I think should shoulder some of the blame) ran in to see what was the matter and Adrienne reached for her.  Then I was mad and guilty. 

When all the hullabaloo settled I saw... the blessed skirt was still. not. on. 

This was one accident I wish would have announced itself.  Here are some more:


Carla said...

Did you ever know how hard it would be to dress another person?! Dang hardwoods. Please request your parents carpet their entire home.

Nicki Woo said...

oooooh. i can just see her little head go crashing into the floor. its not your fault AT ALL. Any reasonable person can see its your parents fault. but the poor child is just to young and nieve to see that. don't worry i feel your pain. i once hooked a binky onto my child's nipple. it was HORRIBLE. I blame my parents.

Jules said...

Thank you for your support friends; I'm now completely convinced it's my rents' fault and will convince A of such when she remembers this later in life.
A binky? On the nipple? Horrible! But clearly your parents' fault too Nicki. So clearly.