Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Trailers

As you know I was the lone American geek watching the Super Bowl with a notepad, but can I just say?  I'm SO glad I geeked it up that day!  I'm still looking back to my notes for A.B. material.  Here is one nonsensical blurb in my nonsensical Super Bowl Sunday handwriting:

Know how many movies I want to see? 
None!  Maybe Trasf. 3.
Pirates of Carribean 4
Whole movie of talking animals!- Rango

On the previous page I noted: Cowboys & Aliens movie trailer w/Harrison Ford.
Michael Douglas- cry

Now of course, I barely remember these trailers although I know me, and I know I want to see Pirates because of Johnny "I love you to the Deppths of the world and back" Depp (obviously) and Rango because of Johnny "You can conduct my Depposition anytime" Depp (not so obvious, since it's just his voice in that one). 

Know who my hero was before Johnny "I Depplore myself for these puns, FYI" Depp stepped onto my scene?  Harrison Ford.  Who is now starring in Cowboys and Aliens.  Now, I can appreciate a good cowboy movie and I can appreciate a good alien movie, but I cannot get behind a cowboy AND alien movie.  I just can't.  What do you think?

But I guess when you're Han flippin' Solo you can afFord to make these kinds of gutsy movies decisions.

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Nicki Woo said...

No. I don't think anyone can AFFORD that. Cowboys and Aliens. I may have to save my mullah on that one. The Cowboys have to win, but I don't see how their skillz can bring down Aliens. And as an aside, Why is the word ALIEN so much bigger than cowboys? Because. . .they are going to WIN. And unless they are super wonderful and promise not to kill off all the nice humans, I don't want to play.