Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WWW Wednesday- Snow Day Edition

Whine: Remember yesterday when I was so proud of myself for stocking up on food and stuff before our big snowstorm?  I grabbed chocolate chips thinking, "what could be more cozy and snow day-y than making chocolate chip cookies with my girls?"  Today I realized I don't have butter.  Butter!  I always have butter!  I have three (open) packages of cream cheese, 2 jars of salsa, more pasta than you can shake a noodle at, but no butter.  So it's handfuls of chocolate chips for dessert tonight!  Oh well, it's probably butter this way.

Wish: I wish we could come up with a really good name for this blizzard.  Snowmaggedon is pretty weak, Snowpocolypse is a bit better.  My favorite so far is the Snowtorious B.I.G.  But I still feel like we can do better.  I've been brain storming all day with snow good ideas.  I can't concentrate, my mind keeps going adrift.  I'm feeling a bit (snow)flakey.  You might say I have brain freeze.  And you can take that to the (snow)bank.

Woo-hoo!  Happy Groundhog's Day!  Apparently little dude says Spring is coming early, although I think he's a big fat liar.  If he were my kid I'd ground him.  But I appreciate his piggy little effort.  Happily, nobody in my house has gone stir crazy yet (I wish I was stirring my cookie batter like crazy, but what can ya do?)  Although, just as I typed that last sentence Molly came in from the blustering blizzard and went straight upstairs and put her swimsuit on. ?!?!?!  So maybe she's losing it.  Or maybe she's just creating her own little Snowtopia.

My brother and his new wife are escaping this entire snowcapade as they are on their honeymoon in Jamaica.  So la-tee-da for them.  Because I wish I were in Jamaica and because these commercials are hilarious- here are some Red Stripe beer commercials for your snowtertainment.


mimilovesall8 said...

I just followed you--please follow me back!

fish lover said...

Thanks for the comment, Yeah I can't imagine how cold it is in your place, my hubby is in Florida now and his always complaining its cold lol.

Fishlover of

Nicki Woo said...

AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHh!!!! For the love of snow monkeys everywhere! I JUST LEFT YOU THE CUTEST COMMENT AND IT DIDN'T TAKE, AND NOW I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT I SAID, BUT IT WAS REALLY REALLY SILLY AND CUTE! AND YES, I'M YELLING BECAUSE WELL. . . .I don't know why. So I guess I'll stop now. Let me see if I can give you a brief, boring recap.

Its cold here too. but only 30 degrees. we had rolling black outs yesterday, because people actually are having to use their heaters. that's what the news said. sounds fishy to me. in related business i wanted to bake comfort food, muffins, but forgot the eggs at the store. i went back though, no worries, and my booty is getting bigger just thinking about it. not the grocery store, the muffins. then I wanted to toast to cold weather, crazy snow names, and sleet cause we might have a snow day tomorrow, but alas i left the beer at the store too. but then i thought, i have apple juice, and you probably do too, so i thought we could just use that.

Kelly @ The Self Help Mom said...

Hi, I am a blogger from Michigan as well. Is this snow crazy or what? Have a great day and maybe we can connect sometime. Take care:)

Avant Garde Parenting said...

Love these commercials!

I like Snowtorious BIG. Here in Dallas, the news stations just call it WINTER BLAST! (with the exclamation point). Usually, it is with regard to a light dusting a snow, but this time it's for real :)