Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Monday!

Did Ad Bits take eight months to download today?  It's because we have a BOWLFULL of ads on here today!

This is much earlier than I usually blog.  But this.  Is a special occasion.  This is Super Monday.  Plus, I wanted to hurry up and blog before I heard the public opinion about all the ads.  It will be embarrassing if all the "experts" think the Hungry Howie phone lick commercial was the worst one, when it was totally one of my favorites.  It may sway my bloggy honesty. 

Let's hop to it!  There was so much material I decided to break things up  into categories to make my life more manageable (for a change).  If you don't see your favorite ad, know I have a Nerdy Notebook, full of fresh bloggy juice; I'll be blogging about S.B. ads all week so definitely stay tuned.  Cool?  Cool!  Now.  Here are the 2011 Ad Bits Super Bowl awards! (they need a name, no?  The Bizties?  The Adzies?  Let's come up with something before S.B. 46, ok?)

Best Commercial Featuring A Celeb:

A little icky, but most certainly had the surprise factor going on.  I mean there are so many people that want to Riv 'er a new one.

Best Ad By A Company I've Never Heard Of:

I don't normally laugh at hurt babies.  Unless it's reaaallly funny.  And I'm sure they're going to be ok.

Best Commercial Featuring Old TV Shows:

If you're going to put Henry Winkler and a 90210 clip in an ad together?  You are a shoo-in for a Bitzie.

Best Fire Up Commercial:

Michigan representin'!  Holllllla!

Best Commercial Featuring a Canadian Teen Pop Star and Drugged Up Bat-Biter:

There were so many great nominees in this category, but it had to be O.O. and the Biebster.

Best Commercial Featuring A Redhead:

In fact, the only commercial I saw with a redhead.  We are so underrepresented.

Best Commercial in the First Half:

So disgusting.  So hilarious I almost missed the rest of the game for all my laughing.  Touchdown Doritos.  Touch.  Down.

Best Second Half Commercial (also the winner for best animal commercial):

I love this ad.  But how funny would it be to do a play on "beaver" and "Bieber"?  And have the beaver reading Tiger Beat and dressed up like the Bieb?  Just an idea for next year y'all.

Tune in tomorrow for exciting (not really) Super Bowl pictures and my thoughts (and some of my anonymous Facebook friends' thoughts) on the halftime show.

So let's have it!  You had a favorite and you can tell me now that mine are out there!  I'm dying to know.  What made you land face first in the queso dip laughing and what made you toss your queso dip up on the scotchguarded couch?


Renee R said...

I love all those you highlighted....but I also really liked the Darth Vadar VW one. Having lived with a few "Dark Siders" I am prone to a chuckle or 22! I thought about you all throughout the SB because I knew you'd be in AdBits heaven!!

I am so looking for someone to see the new Biebs movie. Of course, I can't find a single kid who will take me. Hit me up if you've scored a child actor to represent someone who really wants to see it. :)

Jules said...

Renee, you are welcome to my daughter because she is pumped about JB's movie. I think I'm being paid back for my NKOTB days.

You are NOT ALONE in loving the DV commercial! Everyone I talk to is picking that one as their fave!

Sandra - or SB *lol* said...

Well I had no time so far to check out all your adds but I will.
BUT I wanted to mention my first thought when I read 'SB'.....aaaaah she gonna write about me..... LOL.... I am soooo crazy I know....but then a second it is Super Bowl.....maybe I should start to be a fan of it as I like the initials ;o)))
Anyway....hope you had fun watching the game. It was definitely too late for me over here and I will check out your adds quite soon!

Jules said...

Sandra!! Sorry for the confusion! :) Normally I WOULD be talking about you! I shouldn't abbreviate things willy-nilly like that without thinking of the repercussions. :) I hope you like the ads at least!

Jodi Lee said...

Hilarious topic for a blog! Go you!

I’m your newest follower from MBC. Please follow me at and join me on FB too!/pages/Jodi-Lee/172740309414167

mimilovesall8 said...

I followed you!
Please follow back.

The Rheinlander's said...

I agree with Rene... LOVED the Darth Vader commercial!! Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's

MomOf2AtHome said...

I think I liked the godaddy and darth vader ones the best. Godaddy certainly the most memorable. I actually out loud sounded shocked when they showed Joan Rivers. And smiled inside knowing thousands of men were expecting someone MUCH different. lol

Rachel said...

I just had to see what commercials you posted!
My favorites where the adorable one of the kid being Darth Vader and "starting" the car. And my all time favorite was the car advertisement for Beetle. It showed a real beetle bug running around. I thought that was cool. Oh! And one more I liked, I don't even remember what it was selling so maybe it wasn't a good commercial but it said "what would the world be like if we settled for the first thing we invented" or something like that. It showed a bunch of old stuff, it was cool to see all that.

ArtsyChaos said...

OK, I had to come over and see what commercials you had! I didn't watch the Superbowl.. I know, shhh. That baby one is pretty funny! I saw the pepsi one where the wife beans the cute jogger in the head with a can of pepsi and chuckled. :)

tawna6988 said...

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Keep up the good work!

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Jules said...

@Jodi and Mimi: Thank you! Following you back! :)

@Rheinlanders and MomOf2: I think I screwed up big time by not making the Darth Vader ad the winner of the Best 1st Half Comm. EVERYBODY I've talked to picked that as their fave. Oops.

@Rachel: Normally I don't like insects but I did love that beetle! And the soundtrack helped. The "old stuff" ad is today's feature because it was def. one of my favorites!

@Artsy: Did you watch the Puppy Bowl instead? Because I was tempted- the Pepsi one WAS cute!

@tawna: What!? You are so awesome! Thank you so so much! I'm honored!

Bloguy said...

Great Blog, I would have to say the tire commercial where he thinks he sent out an email to the whole company was geat! Keep it up! #1 commercial blog on the internet!